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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Branding Solr+Lucene
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 18:43:36 GMT

(note: conciously, and deliberately confined my reply to only general@)

: - Lucene will remain the name of the Apache TLP hosting both the 
: Lucene-Java product and the Solr product.
: - Solr, while ceasing to refer to a stand-alone development sub-project, 
: will continue to be a product, with no change in its user-facing 
: *product* communications; Solr's downloadable artifacts, the wiki, the 
: website, and the solr-user mailing list will remain as-is.  (The website 
: javadocs will need re-jiggering, though, I'd guess.)

Exactly! ... the key thing to remember is that since Lucene becamse a TLP 
that graduated from Jakarta, there has always only ever been one "Project" 
and that project is "Apache Lucene".  The Project has released numerous 
different "Proudcts" over the years and (for various historical reasons) 
we have in the past constructed largely artificial partitions of our 
development efforts arround those Products. 

All we have done at this point is remove some of those partitions between 
the development of the "Lucene-Java" product and the "Solr" product ... 
that doesn't mean that the Project, or either of those two Products need 
new names/branding.

(There has always been some minor confusion about the "Lucene-Java" 
Product also being refered to as simply "Lucene" but nothing about the 
recent changes really has any impact on that)


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