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From Romi <>
Subject MultiTermQuery
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2010 10:04:06 GMT

  In lucene 3.0.2 implementation of MultiTermQuery has been changed.
can u please give me an example of how to make a custom MultiTermQuery.
I am pasting code(Lucene 2.4.1) that project was using previously now i have
to upgrade it in Lucene3.0.2 :
Problem I am facing is in bold letters
1. In lucene3.0.2 MultiTermQuery have default constructor so we can not use
super(Term term).
how can i resolve this problem please suggest.

 * <code>CaseTermQuery</code> implements a term query which convert the term
 * from the index either to upper or lower case before it is matched.
abstract class CaseTermQuery extends MultiTermQuery implements
TransformConstants {

     * Indicates whether terms from the index should be lower-cased or
     * upper-cased.
    protected final int transform;

    CaseTermQuery(Term term, int transform) {
        this.transform = transform;

     * {@inheritDoc}
    protected FilteredTermEnum getEnum(IndexReader reader) throws
IOException {
        return new CaseTermEnum(reader);

    static final class Upper extends CaseTermQuery {

        Upper(Term term) {
            super(term, TRANSFORM_UPPER_CASE);

    static final class Lower extends CaseTermQuery {

        Lower(Term term) {
            super(term, TRANSFORM_LOWER_CASE);



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