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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Close down the Lucene.NET project, effective January 31, 2011
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:21:17 GMT
+1 - Shut it down.


Sadly I feel guilty of encouraging Lucene.NET to set up shop under the Lucene PMC, but without
helping or even really caring about it (other than at the time being for everything "Lucene"
under this umbrella).  I've never been a .NET programmer (my past in ASP/MSVC++ predates .NET).
 So, along with my vote I apologize for not mentoring Lucene.NET as it should have been. 
It seems there's a lot of energy behind Lucene on the .NET platform though, so I'm confident
that it'll survive and thrive in an environment where it most fits.


On Dec 29, 2010, at 11:01 , Grant Ingersoll wrote:

> Background: Please see the December Lucene Board report, amongst others, for description
and multiple mailing list threads (both here and on Lucene.NET) on the background of this
vote.   This move has been a long time in the making with many discussions on it. 
> Resolution:
> Whereas the Lucene.NET project has stagnated due to lack of committer activity and,
> Whereas the Lucene PMC is no longer interested in maintaining the community due to lack
of interest in working on the .NET platform by PMC Members and
> Whereas conditions set forth by the PMC in October for continuance as Lucene sub-project
have not been met by the project
> Therefore, be it resolved that the Lucene PMC shut down the Lucene.NET community, effective
January 31, 2011.
> Vote:
> [] +1 - Shut it down
> [] 0 - Don't care
> [] -1 - Do not shut it down
> A positive vote result means we will shut down SVN access, put a notice on the website
and send one to the mailing lists as well as close down any other resources. 
> PMC votes are binding and a majority of +1's are all that is needed (i.e. no vetoes).
  Due to the Holidays here in the US, this vote will be open for 5 days.
> Note, a positive vote does not mean that this project cannot go back to the Incubator
or that it must die completely, it just means that the Lucene PMC is discharging it's responsibility
for the project by shutting down the resources it is responsible for and removing commit access.
> Grant Ingersoll
> Lucene PMC Chair

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