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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject [VOTE] Create Solr TLP
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 18:50:02 GMT
A single merged project works only when people are relatively on the same page,
and when people feel it's mutually beneficial.  Recent events make it
clear that that
is no longer the case.

Improvements to Solr have been recently blocked and reverted on the
grounds that the new functionality was not immediately available to
non-Solr users.
This was obviously never part of the original idea (well actually - it was
considered but rejected as too onerous).  But the past doesn't matter as
much as the present - about how people chose to act and interpret
things today.

Some people warned us against merging at the start, and I guess it
turns out they were right.

I no longer feel it's in Solr's best interests to remain under the same
PMC as Lucene-Java, and I know some other committers who have said
they feel like Lucene got the short end of the stick.  But rather than
arguing about who's right (maybe both?) since enough of us feel it's no longer
mutually beneficial, we should stop fighting and just go our separate

Please VOTE to create a new Apache Solr TLP.

Here's my +1


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