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From "Sendros, Jason" <>
Subject RE: Extreme Beginner Needs Lucene Help
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 14:16:03 GMT
Well you certainly provided a lot of information for us to work with
here! I suggest picking up Lucene In Action since it's a great
introduction to Lucene and will resolve a lot of your beginner
questions. It's a fairly quick read and a great reference as well.

1) Could you please provide the exact errors, exceptions, and stack
traces occurring here along with any code associated with them.

2) Lucene and Java 7 don't play nice together yet. Try Java 6 for now,
even if this is not what is causing your headaches.

3) Deprecated (with regards to ANY code you see in the future) means the
code is no longer being supported by the developers and will probably be
removed in the upcoming releases. Typically, this means there are safer,
more efficient, or otherwise improved ways of completing the same task
you're trying to complete. Rarely, it means the task you're trying to
complete is being removed entirely from the code. Even though you CAN
use deprecated code, there is no guarantee that it will work as
expected. Try to use nondeprecated code whenever you can.

4) To use Lucene in your project in Eclipse, right click on your
project, go to Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Add
External Jar.


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From: lucenewbie [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 3:32 AM
Subject: Extreme Beginner Needs Lucene Help

I'm trying to write a Lucene program to index a large .txt file. 

Really, it should be extremely basic, I just want to learn how to use
but I'm getting all sorts of strange errors when I try simple lines of

Here's an example: 

		StandardAnalyzer analyzer = new
		boolean recreateIndexIfExists = true;
		IndexWriter indexWriter = new
IndexWriter("/indexDirectory", analyzer,

>From what I read in the documentation and the official Lucene Book,
should be nothing wrong with that. The error I get most often is "the
IndexWriter(String, StandardAnalyzer, boolean) constructor is not

So I'm going to guess the problem lies elsewhere. 

Here's a confession: I've never used any external jars when writing java
programs before. Nor have I ever needed to edit my Path or Classpath
variables. So I'm going to run through a list of things I've done to try
"connect" Lucene, hopefully they'll weed out any suggestions you might
But first:

-I am using Eclipse though I tried to run the program
downloaded from manning's site in Textpad and the problem persisted,
the same flavor of error. 
-I am on a Windows OS
-I am using java version 1.7
-Lucene version 3.4.0

Here are the things I've done so far:

1) Added the Lucene core and lucene demo jars to my system classpath.
I'm reasonably certain I did this correctly, I'm at the point where I
feel like I've made a really stupid mistake and don't want to leave
out, so here is what my CLASSPATH looks like now):

.;C:\Program Files

(unrelated question: I'm using java 1.7 in my PATH variable. I don't
why that reference to jre6 is still there but I didn't want to remove
The same folder in jre7 doesn't contain so I figured it
be harmful. Anyone know what I should do there?)

2) (Somewhat related to the unrelated question:) I added both of the
to the \lib\ext folders of both the jre6 folder referenced in my path
the jre7 folder that presumably should be. I read somewhere this is
essentially the same as adding to the CLASSPATH and I did so when I was
having trouble figuring out just wtf I was doing (which I still am).

3) I configured the Build Path for my java project to include all
jars (the core and demo jars as well as their javadoc jars)

4) I have import statements out the wazoo. I mention this because it
took me
a while to figure out that I needed them because the book doesn't
them nor does it even mention their existence. Remember, this is my
time working with external code like this. I'm sure I seem fully
but I guess I thought that referencing the jars gave me everything I
out of the box. 

5) I found this
website  and copied and pasted the code to see if it would work and it
flawlessly. It's simply not useful because it creates the index in
manually adds documents, and prints results. Since my biggest problem
now is the index directory and referencing the file to be indexed, that
flawless program just doesn't help me. 

So I'm really just at a loss. I've found several other websites with
sample "getting started" programs but they all give me various amounts
similarly confusing errors. 

site  was particularly useful as it had pics of what my project should
like in Eclipse. 

Thank you for any help you can offer. I'm sorry if it hurts your head to
something as stupid as this. I promise my head is hurting right now,

Oh and lastly, since I don't seem to have any shame, here's another
newbish question:

When Eclipse tells me that something is 'deprecated' (e.g. The Field
Version.LUCENE_CURRENT is deprecated), what does that mean? It's just a
warning and Eclipse suggests that I just Suppress Deprecation Warnings
as a
quick fix but I'd rather know what's up. Some of the sample code I
had a StandardAnalyzer with nothing being passed and those gave me
errors. I
had to add the Version.LUCENE_CURRENT to fix them. Additionally, the
documentation for Lucene is riddled with deprecation this and
that. If I had to guess, I would say it's like doing something a quick
dirty way that's kind of frowned upon. 

Thanks again

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