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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr 3.5 miss data because too many insert requests
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 21:21:02 GMT

: I using sorlj to export object to solr, it get data from csv file, load it
: into objects and exports to solr server. It works perfectly in solr 3.2 but
: it misses a lots of records in 3.5. 
: If I manually export one by one, it works. Solr 3.5 could not handle too
: many insert requests, I think.
: Could anyone please point me out why?

You haven't relaly provided enough details for anyone to guess what your 
specific problem might be...

you need to provide actual examples of code/configs/logs showing the 
problem you are seeing ... is your code multithreaded? are you running 
embedded solr or using a servlet container? are you using the same configs 
in Solr 3.2 as in 3.5? what do the solr update log messages look like? 
(they should give you a count of the number of docs added in each request) 
which does are missing? (ie: are they all from "the end" of your process, 
or scattered from the middle?)

Off the top of perhaps you were using autocommit in your 3.2 configs, 
but not with 3.5?

Please re-forumlate your question and send it to the solr-user@lucene 
mailing list where a greater number of people who can offer you assistance 
are subscribed (general@lucene is primarily for broad discussions about 
the project, and inquires from people who aren't sure how to even get 
started with questions about lucene/solr/pylucene/etc...


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