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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject [DISCUSS] TM in website graphic images
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 23:59:36 GMT
I want to finish addressing the Project Branding Requirements at <>.

One of the outstanding issues is stamping our graphics with "TM".  From <>:

	Logos are important to recognize as trademarks as well.
	For the project's official logo (if it has one, and
	especially if it uses the ASF feather), ensure that it
	includes a small "TM" symbol in the graphic or
	immediately adjacent to it. For pages that include the
	poject logo on them, ensure you mention "... and the
	Project logo are trademarks..." in the attribution.

There is no room for interpretation here: the requirements say that it must be done.

However, when this was last discussed, in November 2010, several PMC members said they didn't
want to do it, AFAICT largely because it would make the logos look ugly:>

I propose that we take a VOTE, saying that we elect to ignore this aspect of the branding
requirements, so that we can close out the effort to comply with the other aspects.

Here's the wording I'm thinking of:

Please VOTE to NOT comply with the requirement in the Apache Project Branding Requirements
<> that "TM" be included in
or be presented adjacent to all project graphic images on Lucene PMC websites.

[] +1 The Lucene PMC will not put TM in or adjacent to the project graphics on our website
[] -1 The Lucene PMC will comply with the graphics TM requirement in the Apache Project Branding


I plan on voting +1 if this goes to a VOTE.


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