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From Nagendra Nagarajayya <>
Subject [Announce] Apache Solr 4.1 with RankingAlgorithm 1.4.7 available now -- includes realtime-search with multiple granularities
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 14:14:53 GMT
I am very excited to announce the availability of Solr 4.3 with 
RankingAlgorithm40 1.4.8 with realtime-search with multiple 
granularities. realtime-search is very fast NRT and allows you to not 
only lookup a document by id but also allows you to search in realtime, 
see The update performance is about 
70,000 docs / sec. The query performance is in ms, allows you to  query 
a 10m wikipedia index (complete index) in <50 ms.

This release includes realtime-search with multiple granularities, 
request/intra-request. The granularity attribute controls the NRT 
behavior. With attribute granularity="request", all search components 
like search, faceting, highlighting, etc. will see a consistent view of 
the index and will all report the same number of documents. With 
granularity="intrarequest", the components may each report the most 
recent changes to the index. realtime-search has been contributed back 
to Apache Solr, see

RankingAlgorithm 1.4.8 supports the entire Lucene Query Syntax, ± and/or 
boolean/dismax/glob/regular expression/wildcard/fuzzy/prefix/suffix 
queries with boosting, etc. and is compatible with the lucene 4.3 api.

You can get more information about realtime-search performance from here:

You can download Solr 4.3 with RankingAlgorithm40 1.4.8 from here:

Please download and give the new version a try.


Nagendra Nagarajayya

1. Apache Solr 4.1 with RankingAlgorithm40 1.4.7 is an external project.

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