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From will martin <>
Subject Re: Customize score algorithm
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2016 01:53:19 GMT there;s a paper by croft et al about the impact of structured data onslaught being
handled by IR engines with strengths in unstructured.

> On Apr 15, 2016, at 1:01 PM, Diego Bernardes <> wrote:
> I'm a long time user of Elasticsearch and Solr, have used in lots of
> projects, but until now didn't need to change how the documents are scored.
> The actual project my team is developing have a very specific need of
> precision and scoring.
> Recentely found Algolia, they built a search engine from scratch using a
> different aproach from Lucene. The main diffence is on scoring, in my
> opinion the way they score is better suited to structured documents (like
> products on a ecommerce), the sort is like a sql database, when there are
> criterias and they are sorted in order.
> The way Lucene works with a single float score works very well for
> unestructured documents, but when you know exactly what you want and in
> what field, Algolia approach seems better.
> The question is, there is any way to do overwrite the way Lucene score? I
> need to have several fields or a object, intead of a single float,
> something like this:
> {
>   exactMatch: 2,
>   typo: 0,
>   customFieldScore: 10
>   ...
> }
> Thanks!

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