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From jim ferenczi <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Lucene 6.5.0 released
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2017 08:40:34 GMT
27 March 2017 - Apache Luceneā„¢ 6.5.0 available
The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Lucene 6.5.0.

Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine
library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly
any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform.

This release contains numerous bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements,
some of which are highlighted below:

   - It is now possible filter out duplicates in the NRT suggester
   - SimpleQueryString now supports default fuziness
   - IndexWriter can return the list of visible field names
   - DisjunctionScorer now supports returning the matching children clauses
   - A new FunctionScoreQuery that modifies the internal query's score
   using the per-document values
   - A new FunctionMatchQuery that returns any documents with a value that
   matches a predicate
   - A new WordDelimiterGraphFilter that outputs a correct graph structure
   for multi-token expansion at query time
   - A new PatternTokenizer that uses Lucene's RegExp implementation
   - RangeFieldQuery now supports CROSSES relation
   - A new IndexOrDocValuesQuery that uses either an index (points or
   terms) or doc values in order to run a (range, geo box and distance) query,
   depending which one is more efficient
   - index-time boosts are deprecated
   - Term filters are no longer cached
   - Compound filters are cached earlier than regular queries
   - BKDReader now calls grow on larger increments
   - LatLonPointInPolygonQuery are faster
   - LatLonPointDistanceQuery now skips distance computations more often
   - To-parent block joins now implements two-phase iteration
   - Point ranges that match most documents are faster
   - PointValues#estimatePointCount is faster with
   - Segments are now also sorted during flush, and merging on a sorted
   index is substantially faster by using some of the same bulk merge
   optimizations that non-sorted merging uses

The release is available for immediate download at:
Please read CHANGES.txt for a full list of new features and changes:

Note: The Apache Software Foundation uses an extensive mirroring network for
distributing releases. It is possible that the mirror you are using may not
have replicated the release yet. If that is the case, please try another
mirror. This also goes for Maven access.

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