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From Ishan Chattopadhyaya <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Lucene 8.3.0 released
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2019 23:02:34 GMT
## 2 November 2019, Apache Luceneā„¢ 8.3.0 available

The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Lucene 8.3.0.

Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine
library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for
nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially

This release contains numerous bug fixes, optimizations, and
improvements, some of which are highlighted below. The release is
available for immediate download at:


### Lucene 8.3.0 Release Highlights:

  * New SpanishMinimalStemFilter
  * New "export all terms and doc freqs" feature to Luke with delimiters
  * Composite Matches from multiple subqueries now allow access to
their submatches, and a new NamedMatches API allows marking of
subqueries and a simple way to find which subqueries have matched on a
given document
  * Range Query For Multiple Connected Ranges
  * LatLonDocValuesPointInPolygonQuery for LatLonDocValuesField
  * New UniformSplitPostingsFormat (name "UniformSplit") primarily
benefiting in simplicity and extensibility
  * New STUniformSplitPostingsFormat (name "SharedTermsUniformSplit")
that shares a single internal term dictionary across fields
  * DisjunctionMaxQuery more efficiently leverages impacts to skip
non-competitive hits
  * BooleanQuery with no scoring clause can now early terminate the
query when the total hits is not requested
  * Matches on wildcard queries will defer building their full
disjunction until a MatchesIterator is pulled
  * spatial-extras quad and packed quad prefix trees now index points faster
  * Add additional leaf node level optimizations in LatLonShapeBoundingBoxQuery
  * Improve performance of WITHIN and DISJOINT queries for Shape
queries by doing just one pass whenever possible
  * Introduce shared count based early termination across multiple slices
  * Blocktree's seekExact now short-circuits false if the term isn't
in the min-max range of the segment. Large perf gain for ID/time like
data when populated sequentially
  * Show SPI names instead of class names in Luke Analysis tab
  * GraphTokenStreamFiniteStrings preserves all Token attributes
through its finite strings TokenStreams
  * Introduced SpanPositionRange into XML Query Parser
  * Use a sort key instead of true distance in NearestNeighbor
  * Tessellator labels the edges of the generated triangles whether
they belong to the original polygon
  * Use exact distance between point and bounding rectangle in
  * The Korean analyzer now splits tokens on boundaries between digits
and alphabetic characters
  * MoreLikeThis is biased for uncommon fields

Please read CHANGES.txt for a full list of new features and changes:


Note: The Apache Software Foundation uses an extensive mirroring network for
distributing releases. It is possible that the mirror you are using may not have
replicated the release yet. If that is the case, please try another mirror.
This also applies to Maven access.

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