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From siddharth teotia <>
Subject Re: Memory usage
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2019 19:18:30 GMT
Hi Michael

Can you or someone from the community please help answer my questions?


On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 7:50 AM siddharth teotia <>

> Hi Michael
> Thanks a lot for your response. Couple of more questions
> (1) During indexing, is there any knob to tell the writer to use off-heap
> for buffering. I didn't find anything in the docs so probably the answer is
> no. Just confirming..
> (2) In my experiments, I have gone upto ingesting 5 million documents into
> the lucene index and the number of segments created was 1. The writer was
> committed and closed after ingesting all the documents and after that there
> is no need for us to index more. So essentially it is an immutable index.
> Basically I wanted to find the threshold for creating a new segment. Is
> that pretty high? Or if the writer is reopened, then the next set of
> documents will go into the next segment and so on? The reason for doing
> this is to find the total number of files (per index) that will be opened
> during querying. So far since it was a single segment, only that segment's
> cfs file was opened.
> Thanks
> Siddharth
> On Thu, Nov 7, 2019, 6:39 AM Michael McCandless <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Siddharth,
>> Your understanding of MMapDirectory is correct -- only give your JVM
>> enough heap to not spend too much CPU on GC, and then let the OS use all
>> available remaining RAM to cache hot pages from your index.
>> There are some structures Lucene loads into JVM heap, but even those are
>> being moved off-heap (accessed via Directory) recently such as FSTs used
>> for the terms index, and BKD index (for dimensional points).  I'm not sure
>> exactly which structures are still in heap ... maybe the live documents
>> bitset?
>> During indexing, the recently indexed documents are buffered in JVM heap,
>> up until the IndexWriterConfig.setRAMBufferSizeMB and then they will be
>> written to the Directory as new segments.
>> Mike McCandless
>> On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 11:27 PM siddharth teotia <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> I have some questions about the memory usage. I would really appreciate
>>> if
>>> someone can help answer these.
>>> I understand from the docs that during reading/querying, Lucene uses
>>> MMapDirectory (assuming it is supported on the platform). So the Java
>>> heap
>>> overhead in this case will purely come from the objects that are
>>> allocated/instantiated on the query path to process the query and build
>>> results etc.  But the whole index itself will not be loaded into memory
>>> because we memory mapped the file. Is my understanding correct? In this
>>> case, we are better off not increasing the Java heap and keep as much
>>> as possible available for the file system cache for mmap to do its job
>>> efficiently.
>>> However, are there any portions of index structures that are completely
>>> loaded in memory regardless of whether it is MMapDirectory or not? If so,
>>> are they loaded in Java heap or do we use off-heap (direct buffers) in
>>> such cases?
>>> Secondly, on the write path I think even though the writer opens a
>>> MMapDirectory, the writes are gathered/buffered in memory upto a flush
>>> threshold controlled by IndexWriterConfig. Is this buffering done in Java
>>> heap or direct memory?
>>> Thanks a lot for help
>>> Siddharth

*Best Regards,*

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