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From "Marc Kramis" <>
Subject SqlDirectory
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 20:38:41 GMT
hi all

some time ago, there was a short discussion about a database store. I also
needed some persistence layer that was accessible via JDBC. It turned out,
that a BLOB implementation is strongly dependent on the RDBMS used and also
poorly performing.

I implemented a SqlDirectory, based on the idea of RAMDirectory and its
buffers as basic element.
1. should work with all JDBC compliant RDBMS (no adaption required, no
2. performance should be acceptable.
3. simple db schema.

1. tested on Oracle 8i (free oracle JDBC driver type 4) and SQL Server 2000
(free microsoft JDBC beta driver type 4). works perfectly.
2. consists of 2 tables and 1 index. (one tablespace can have several
indexes of course)
3. promising performance.

1. test reliability, performance, concurrency (multiple reader/writer), test
with mySQL
2. code review
3. introduce caching (maybe CacheDirectory)

if someone has experience or just likes to test it, mail me. Anyway, could I
simply attach the file to my mails?


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