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From Nick Smith <>
Subject Re: IndexReader and IndexWriter on the same index
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 11:04:07 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:
> > From: Avi Drissman []
> >
> > But if I need to do a deletion before every addition, then there's
> > the overhead of all those reader and writer creations. There's no way
> > around it?
> Batch your deletions, then batch your additions.  If you need these changes
> to appear atomically to searchers, do not re-open the IndexReader that
> you're using for searching until you have closed the IndexWriter.
> Doug
I am faced with a similar problem to Avi and I have a question :

I have multiple threads peforming inserts, and searches on an index.
The IndexReader/IndexSearcher instances are refreshed when a search
thread detects that the modification time of the index changes (before is called).
Refresh includes :
o	synchcronise on all readers and writers.
o	peform any queued deletes using IndexReader.delete().
o	call IndexReader.close() to flush deletes to the index.
o	open new IndexReader/IndexSearcher.

Do I also need to re-create the IndexWriter instance?

Many Thanks for any answers!

Nick Smith

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