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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: Memory Usage?
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 03:34:54 GMT
I'm surprised that your memory use is that high.

An IndexReader requires:
  one byte per field per document in index (norms)
  one open file per file in index
  1/128 of the Terms in the index
    a Term has two pointers (8 bytes)
     and a String (4 pointers = 24 bytes, one to 16-bit chars)

A Search requires:
  1 1024 byte buffer per TermQuery
  2 128 int buffers per TermQuery
  2 1024 byte buffers per PhraseQuery term
  1 1024 element bucket array per BooleanQuery
    each bucket has 5 fields, and hence requires ~20 bytes
  1 bit per document in index per DateFilter

A Hits requires:
  up to n+100 ScoreDocs (float+int, 8 bytes)
    where n is the highest Hits.doc(n) accessed
  up to 200 Document objects

I may have forgotten something...

Let's assume that your 1M document index has 2M unique terms, and that you
only look at the top-100 hits, that your index has three fields, and that
the typical document has two stored fields, each 20 characters.  Your
30-term boolean query over a 1M document index should use around the
following numbers of bytes:
    3,000,000 (norms)
    1,000,000 (1/128 of 2M terms, each requiring ~50 bytes)
  during search
       50,000 (TermQuery buffers)
       20,000 (BooleanQuery buckets)
      100,000 (DateFilter bit vector)
  in Hits
        2,000 (200 ScoreDocs)
       30,000 (up to 200 cached Documents)

So searches should run in a 5Mb heap.  Are my assumptions off?

You can also see why it is useful to keep a single IndexReader and use it
for all queries.  (IndexReader is thread safe.)

You could also 'java -Xrunhprof:heap=sites' to see what's using memory.


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