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From Brian Goetz <>
Subject Re: test code
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 23:39:54 GMT

>These are mostly things that I wrote years ago when first developing Lucene,
>e.g., to test the index code before the search code was written, etc.  They
>were mostly never really standalone test programs, but rather things whose
>output I would eyeball for correctness (e.g. DocTest), things that I would
>use for benchmarking and profiling when exploring different implementations
>of things (e.g. IndexTest, TermEnumTest).  Some serve both purposes
>(AnalysisTest, PriorityQueueTest).  Still others are stress tests
>(ThreadSafetyTest).  If you have questions about a particular one I'd be
>glad to tell you what I can remember about it.

Maybe a good start would be to look at those tests and see which you think 
you can recast in terms of tests that produce a "it worked / it didn't" 

>I agree that we should build a test suite.  This code could provide a
>starting point, but some work will be required.  Useful tests might be:
>   - Storage Tests: check that FSDirectory and RAMDirectory can write, read
>and seek files of various sizes.
>   - Analysis Tests: check that various analyzers generate the expected
>   - Index Tests: build an index based on generated or static data, and check
>that it contains the information that it should.
>   - Search Tests: make sure that searches return all the matching documents.

The analysis tests could easily be done with JUnit.  I'll take on some of 
those.  The others are mostly functional tests, although you could probably 
build a JUnit case that handles those too.

I'd also like to see many more unit tests; the PriorityQueueTest is a good 
example of this.  JUnit has saved our bacon so many times in other projects 
that its really worth the effort.  And anyone who commits without running 
the unit test suite gets publically ridiculed, since its so easy
(just 'ant test-unit').

>In addition it would be good to have some performance tests.  We could
>either download a reference collection, or use a synthetic document
>generator that could efficiently generate streams of terms distributed
>according to Zipf's law.

Of course, the correctness tests and performance tests could both run 
against the same reference collections.

>Or can anyone suggest a good, preferably
>plain-text, static test collection?

The HTML output from the JavaDoc for JDK 1.3 isn't a bad candidate.

Brian Goetz
Quiotix Corporation           Tel: 650-843-1300            Fax: 650-324-8032

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