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From Daryl Thachuk <>
Subject Re: Indexing problem
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 17:04:54 GMT
That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation Dave. I'll make the 
appropriate changes to my code.

Thanks again for your help


On Friday, November 2, 2001, at 09:49  AM, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Sigh.
> IndexReader now keeps all files that are not read entirely into memory 
> open
> as long as the IndexReader is open.  This was to fix the bug where 
> another
> thread or process, while updating the index, would delete files that an 
> open
> index reader might need.  So there are now a few more files kept open 
> per
> segment, making it easier to run out of file handles.  IndexWriter uses
> IndexReader internally, so the number of open files while indexing has 
> also
> increased.
> In particular, there are five files, plus one per field, kept open per
> segment.  While indexing, a maximum of IndexWriter.MergeFactor+1 
> segments
> are ever open at once.  So a million document, three field index with
> IndexWriter.MergeFactor=10, would have a maximum of 88 files open at a 
> time
> while indexing.
> Note however, that an IndexReader must keep all segments open.  The 
> maximum
> number of segments in an index is (k - 1) * ( log_k(N) - 1), where k is 
> the
> IndexWriter.mergeFactor and N is the number of documents.  So an index 
> with
> a million documents could have up to 45 segments (on average it will 
> have
> 22.5).  With three fields, an unoptimized IndexReader would require a
> maximum of 360 open files.  Once optimized to a single segment, it would
> require only 8 open files.
> In practice, this should not be a problem.  Have you raised
> IndexWriter.mergeFactor?  If so, try lowering it to the default, 10.  
> Are
> you also opening IndexReaders in the same process?  If so, keep just 
> one per
> index, shared by all search threads, and, if possible, only open a new 
> one
> when the index has just been optimized.  Ideally, document additions 
> should
> be batched, and finished by a call to optimize().  Not only do optimized
> indexes have fewer files open, but they're must faster to search.
> Strictly speaking, since there is only supposed to be a single writer 
> for an
> index at a time, IndexWriter does not need to keep files open except 
> when it
> is using them.  So the number of file handles used while indexing could 
> be
> reduced if IndexWriter were permitted to open IndexReaders in a special
> private mode, where files are opened on demand and closed prompty.  That
> said, this might permit you to more easily create an index that you 
> cannot
> read!
> On the upside, at search time, each query used to open a file per term 
> (two
> files per phrase term) per segment.  So big queries, or lots of 
> concurrent
> small ones, used to run out of file handles.  This is no longer the 
> case.
> IndexReader now opens every file once and only once.  Now it just keeps 
> most
> of them open...
> Doug
Daryl Thachuk
Montage Technologies Inc.

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