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From "Serge A. Redchuk" <>
Subject Re: delete/update
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 15:42:48 GMT
Hello Mike,

Friday, December 14, 2001, 3:51:15 PM, you wrote:

MB> Hi.

MB> I send you this mail because I saw a post you made on Lucene Mailing List about deleting
an indexed document.
MB> I was wondering if you solved your problem : I'm unable to remove a document form an

Oh! Unfortunatelly now I see that deletion is not ideal... :-(
But !!!
I found that It's working with "delay" ;-)
I was confused but I'll explain.
Using next steps: 1 - what my program does, 2 - what is the result in what case.

1 - what my program does
in general my program try to do the next:

1. reindex Lucene index if something changed
   (file modified, dleted, new appeared), all unmodified remains untouched
2. do search
3. show result

2 - what is the result in what case
I force my program to delete one file from index, and then to search
for words that was only in deleted file.
Still unsutisfied - the unexpected result that the words found ...

So, I start my program again and now it does nothing with index !
And search fails ! :-))))

I can't figure out whay that. Whay deletion comes true not instantly.

I've really _CLOSED_ and even assigned null(s) to all index readers and
writers !!

So, I can't answer you completely, but for now I satisfied by this
partial result.

MB> If you solved it, do you have any hint for me ?
MB> If you don't solved it, do you remember if methode 'delete' of IndexReader wich return
the number of really deleted document was returning 1 ? (for me, it return 0, so I don't have
the problem to
MB> refresh the index, but to remove a document from the index ...).

Best regards,

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