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From "Anders Nielsen" <>
Subject RE: prefix query with multiple words
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 13:09:21 GMT
I've made a "hack"-solution for this. It basically makes a BooleanQuery with
alot of OR-branches. Each OR option corresponds to a complete phrase, and
like in the code for PrefixQuery I take the last term in the phrase I want
to search for and make a TermEnumeration and find all the terms that has the
search-term as the prefix. For each of those I make a complete PhraseQuery.

A solution where it was possible to add an array of terms instead of a
single term, to a PhraseQuery would most likely perform alot better.


class PhrasePrefixQuery
    public static Query getQuery(IndexReader reader, Term[] terms)
        Term prefixTerm = terms[terms.length-1];
        TermEnum enum = null;

        BooleanQuery result = new BooleanQuery();

        try {
            enum = reader.terms(prefixTerm);

            do {
                Term term = enum.term();
                if (term != null &&
term.text().startsWith(prefixTerm.text()) && term.field() ==
prefixTerm.field()) {
                    PhraseQuery pq = new PhraseQuery();
                    for (int i=0;i<terms.length;i++) {
                        if (i == terms.length-1)

                    result.add(pq, false, false);
            while (;
        catch (IOException e) {
        finally {
            if (enum != null)
                try {
                catch (IOException e) {

        return result;

-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Barrett []
Sent: 4. december 2001 00:42
Subject: prefix query with multiple words

Hey all-

Wondering if it's possible to a prefix query, but with multiple words;
basically trying to get

+artist:"eric clap*"

to return documents with artists "eric clap", "eric clapton", "eric
claptonean", etc.

You can get close by parsing into multiple words first and prefixing the
last word (i.e. "Eric Clap" -> +artist:eric +artist:clap*), but this also
gives you results that have the phrase in the wrong order (i.e. returns
results with artist "clap eric")

Is there any way to do this right?



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