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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: results sorting
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 17:07:01 GMT
> From: Chris Opler []
> Am wondering if there is any facility to sort search hits by 
> fields in the
> Document.

No, there's nothing like this built in to Lucene.

This can be very expensive with large collections, since it requires reading
a Document object for every hit.  Reading a Document requires a
random-access disk read.  And when someone includes a common word in a
query, there can be lots of hits, far more than will ever be viewed by the

An exception is date sorting, which can be easily implemented using a
HitCollector.  Documents are delivered to a hit collector in the order they
were added to the index, so returning the oldest or most recent hits can be
done without reading field values.  This is discussed more in:
Someday this will be built into Lucene...

To implement efficient field sorting for a large collection you could
construct a fast index of a field (e.g., an in-memory array) and then
implement a HitCollector which uses this.  For example, you could construct
an array of floats for a "price" field.  Then your hit collector could do
something like:
  class MyCollector implements HitCollector {
    private float maxPrice = Float.MAX_VALUE;
    public final void collect(int doc, float score) {
      float price = prices[doc];
      if (price <= maxPrice) {
        hits.add(price, doc);
        if (hits.size() > maxHitCount) {
          maxPrice = hits.lastKey();

Also, if your collection is small, you can probably afford to simply
enumerate all hit documents and sort them as you wish.


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