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From Aruna Raghavan <>
Subject mergefactor and mergemaxdocs
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:14:10 GMT
Lucene javadoc defines the merge factor and mergemaxdocs as follows:
int maxMergeDocs Determines the largest number of documents ever merged by
int mergeFactor Determines how often segment indexes are merged by
void optimize Merges all segments together into a single segment, optimizing
an index for search.
Using the above three, combined with the JVM heap size (-Xmx) I am trying to
nail down a configuration for my application that uses Lucene for searches.
A few questions regarding these -
If mergeFactor determines how often segment indexes are merged, if I set it
to a value > maxMergeDocs, what value gets used? I assume it is limited by
maxMergeDocs. So is maxMergeDocs an upper limit for mergeFactor?
If no explicit optimize() calls are used, will the segements still be merged
according to the values set for maxMergeDocs and mergeFactor? Or do the
mergeFactor and maxMergeDocs only get used when optimize() is called?
Thanks for all the help!

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