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From "David Elworthy" <>
Subject Phrase problem
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:37:34 GMT
I'm having a problem search on phrases. If I give the query
 books by "Noam Chomsky" about politics
then I get a null pointer exception at the point where I issue the
query. I put the above string through QueryParser to get the Query, and
the exception happens on the IndexSearcher search call. The same thing
happens when I use a query I have constructed myself. Printing the query
is fine in either case: it shows
 Text:books Text:"noam chomsky" Text:about Text:politics 
Also, doing the query without the quotes works properly, so it isn't a
problem with the index or the way I use the query parser.

So far as I can tell, the exception arises in PhraseQuery.scorer, at the
line which says
      TermPositions p = reader.termPositions((Term)terms.elementAt(i));
I'm using lucene 1.2 rc3.

Any ideas?

-- David Elworthy

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