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From Peter Sojan <>
Subject Database integration best practices ...
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 08:49:13 GMT


As many others I want to use Lucene as a frontend for searching
content which is burried in a relational database. As far as I
can see this should be no problem, by building documents for 
single rows in the tables. Since many of you have already done such
an approach I would appreciate any suggestions on the following 

- Consistency 
  What is the best way to maintain consistency between the database
  and the lucene index. I can think of two solutions: 

  - update index on every insert 
  - ignore index at insert and do full reindex after time 
    (e.g. nightly)

- Transactional issues 
  what is the best way to make a database insert + index insert 

- Content Separation 
  My content in the database is spread across multiple tables. 
  But there are clusters of related tables. For example I have 
  3 tables describing authors of papers. My solution would be a
  separate index for each of those clusters. When the user does
  a search every index must be searched separately of course ...

  Is maintaining a separate index for every "topic" a good idea?

One might ask why not searching against the database directly. Well,
I would have to build a search interface (think of boolean issues) 
on my own, which is definitely something I do not have time for. 
Additionally my database (Postgresql) doesn't support full-text 
searches (yet).

Any additional input on your expiriences are very welcome!

Thx in advance,


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