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From Ian Lea <>
Subject Re: rc4 and FileNotFoundException: an update
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 20:05:48 GMT
Have you posted code that demonstrates this problem?
If so I missed it.  If you send, to this list, the
shortest program you can come up with that demonstrates
the problem there is a fair chance that someone may
spot something.  I, and many others, use that release
of Lucene to index far more than 16 objects so I think
that at this stage the assumption has to be that the
problem lies with your code.


> (petite_abeille) wrote 
> Hello again,
> I guess it's really not my day...
> Just to make sure I'm not hallucinating to much, I downloaded the latest 
> and greatest: rc4. Changed all the packages names to org.apache. Updated 
> a method here and there to reflect the APIs changes. And run my little 
> app. I would like to emphasize that except updating to the latest Lucene 
> release, nothing else has changed.
> Well, it's pretty ugly. Whatever I'm doing with Lucene in the previous 
> package (com.lucene) is magnified many folds in rc4. After processing a 
> paltry 16 objects I got:
> "SZFinder.findObjectsWithSpecificationInStore: 
> _2.f14 (Too many open files)"
> At least in the previous version, I will see that after a couple of 
> thousand of objects...
> So, it seems, that there is something really rotten in the kingdom of 
> Denmark...
> Any help much appreciated.
> Thanks.

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