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From "" <>
Subject Some questions
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:57:57 GMT
Hi all,

my name is Laura and I'm a new member of this list. I'm a long date 
user of tomcat and I'm also a meber of tomcat user list. 
Yesterday looking at the jakarta menu I saw lucene and I said:"What is 
Reading lucene home page I understood that Lucene is a very interesting 
and big project. I'm looking for a product as lucene!!!
Because I'm a new member of this list o new user of lucene I have some 
questions that you answer easily to, I think.
Well, I saw that lucene create the index on the filesystem: I think 
that this is a problem for producion enviroment. I usually use 
Database, for example Oracle. 
Is it possible integrate Lucene with Oracle or some other db (Mysql)?

I think that there isn't any Italian Anylizer, is it?
How can I write one?

The last question is: I suppose that my search engine is able to spider 
web sites. Is it possible spidering urls?
For example is it possible that with a page I spider this page, then I 
extract the links of the page and at least I'd like spidering also 
these links?
How can I do this?

Well I hope to be able to use lucene.

Thanks for your help



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