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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Options for sorting on an integer or date
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 15:25:13 GMT

--- Joel Bernstein <> wrote:
> At my company we trying to decide on a new search engine.
> I am very impressed with what I see with Lucene and am thinking very
> seriously of not going with AltaVista, FAST etc...


> One of things that is very important to us is sorting by an
> integer or by a date, which Lucene currently cannot do.
> So I am thinking about some options I might have here.  I would
> welcome comments from the lucene developers on the options below:
> 1)  We could wait for the sorting to be added to Lucene.  Is there an
> idea of when this will be added?

There was not much/any discussion about this functionality, so one can
draw a conclusion from that easily :)

> 2)  Have my company commission a project from the Lucene team to add
> this
> functionality soon.  Does the Lucene team do commissioned work?

Commission in what sense?  The $en$e?
I think payment is out of question, but I would encourage you to take
the current Lucene snapshot, or maybe the next release, which is
imminent, and add this functionality to Lucene.
It sounds like if Lucene doesn't have this functionality you'll have to
spend a good amount of dollars anyway.
Damn, I'm not a very good salesman :)

> 3)  Add the sorting code with guidance from the Lucene team and from
> a search engine expert that works with our company.

I can't help with that, but maybe somebody else can.

> 4) Re-sort the results in the application that is using Lucene.  This
> is the least attractive because our result-sets can be very
> large and I think we will have performance problems.

That's the simpliest and the 'hackiest' solution. :(


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