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From Ian Lea <>
Subject RE: AW: WildcardQuery
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 15:16:33 GMT
> Hi... I am both a "newbie" to Lucene and to using this list, so please
> forgive me if I make some mistakes. I am trailing onto this post because I
> cannot seem to get the "wildcard" function to work at all, while all of the
> other features seem to work just fine.  I am using a very standard
> application (actually, it is just the demo version slightly modified) with
> the StandardAnalyzer and the QueryParser.  But the wildcard feature (using
> either "?" or "*") just doesn't work. I must be missing something very
> basic.  I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

Basic wildcard support (i.e. ignoring things like left wildcards)
comes pretty much "out of the box".  Attached is a copy of the
program I was playing with before sending the earlier message.
It uses StandardAnalyzer and the static QueryParser.parse()
method so doesn't work with left wildcards.  I haven't tried
? rather than *.

Hope this helps.


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