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From "Landon Cox" <>
Subject RE: best practice for indexing multiple equiv fieldnames
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 15:25:59 GMT

Sorry to subject the list to my "thinking out-loud" process.  Realized some
other logic problems in my last mail that I need to solve.  Will sort
through those and repost what will hopefully be a better synopsis of a
solution.  I think Brandon's point about the logical query limitations may
be bigger than I first thought particularly for large results sets.  Would
like to stay with the element/lucene doc approach, but may end up twisting
in the wind.

w/r to scale, I probably raised some eyebrows on boiling a hit list down
using a hashtable.  I should have mentioned that in this application, we're
not expecting the hit lists to be any longer than a human is willing to sit
and look through (much < 1,000 and probably much < 100 in most cases.)
Definitely some UI things to think through even though the backend is plenty
happy speed-wise at that size.

Will go quiet again, for now.

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