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From "Robert A. Decker" <>
Subject QueryParser query inside a Boolean query?
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 18:38:31 GMT
I'm having a problem with my queries that I don't quite understand.

Say I create a Query object using QueryParser - this query lets the
user add wildcards, etc.

Then, I create another Query object using, for example, a TermQuery.

I then put both of these into a BooleanQuery and use that BooleanQuery
against the lucene index.

What I'm finding is that my wildcards are no longer followed by
lucene. For example, if the field passed to the QueryParser was:

Then, investig* is used in the query, but it doesn't behave as a wildcard
- it seems to actually search for phrase "investig*"

So, what do I do to use a mix of QueryParser terms, and TermQuerys? Do I
build up my BooleanQuery and then somehow run that through the QueryParser


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