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From "Skansen" <>
Subject Re: Applet search
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 17:07:54 GMT
Have you looked at the thread: lucene in applet ?

It was back in nowember 2001.

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Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 12:57 PM
Subject: Applet search

> I've been investigating using Lucene to search html pages on CD-ROM, using
> an applet as the search interface. It isn't as easy as I'd hoped...
> One problem is that lock files are written while searching to prevent
> concurrent updates of the index -- clearly that doesn't work too well on
> read-only media! But I notice there are current changes which will make the
> use of lock files configurable.
> Another problem is security restrictions on applets. Unfortunately one of
> these is not being able to read system properties and the new mechanism for
> turning off lock files uses a system property, so that ain't going to work
> well in my case...
> So I've been looking at plans B, C, D, ... These would mean writing some new
> classes to specialise the existing Lucene classes to my particular case (eg
> a version of IndexReader that doesn't use a lock). But I'm not making much
> progress here since I can't extend classes because they are final or because
> they have package access.
> Writing an application to do the same job was straightforward and gives a
> good product, so I feel I should persevere. But I do feel that everything I
> try goes across the grain of existing code.
> Anyone got any thoughts? I would have thought that the scenario (html on
> CD-ROM + applet search) was a natural one for Lucene.  I've searched the
> archives and found several people trying to do it, but not much in the way
> of solutions.
> Jon
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