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From Bjoern Feustel <>
Subject WildcardQuery (and FuzzyQuery) problems or bugs?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:12:44 GMT

  i've got problems while using wildcard and fuzzy searches.

While indexing a bunch of documents it could happen that a field of all
documents will be left empty (empty String).

I don't know wether this field will be included into the index at all.

But this leads to a problem while searching. If i create some Queries
(actually this does the QueryParser for me) on that field and run a
search with these queries, i would expect no results.

However, WildcardQuery and FuzziQuery sometimes generate a
NullPointerException in WildcardTermEnum.termCompare(...).

It seems to me that this does not happen if i add an additional unused
field to all documents but it may be that this works for me due to other
reasons. To explain what i mean, i've attached some lines of test code.

btw: I'm using lucene nightly-build 20020814.

Am i missing something or is this a bug?

Another question: An WildcardQuery that is constructed of only
non-wildcards gives me an StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while
searching. Shouldn't this be handled in a smarter way?

Thanks in advance,


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