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From "Stone, Timothy" <>
Subject Lucene newbie needs advice
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 14:12:36 GMT
Lucene users,

Lucene looks like the answer to my site-only searches, a robust API and
active user community. I have a rather static informational site, html and
some pdf, coming online; hits may be heavy in the beginning, but drop
dramaticly following opening. 

The general practice of searching the web is known, but search engines and
the technology/terminology of searching are foreign to me and I'm looking
for a rapid, drop in solution, with little customizing at this stage (until
I can come up to speed). I'll be running an Apache Tomcat environment
(really only to enable Luncene).

How much harm is there in deploying the Lucene demo/example, with some "look
and feel" changes and handling for possible redirects to alternate web
search engines?

Also, can multiple Tomcat servers running the Lucene demo share a single
index? Are there threading issues to be concerned about?

My hardware is rather robust at this point. I have two IBM Web servers with
dual 2Ghz XEON processors, 2Gb RAM and dual Gb NICs. The future has these
servers in roles as load balancing proxies in front of a switch, or
switches, managing dedicated web hardware. This is what I'm working with;
capital expenditures are spent.

My configuration plan looks something like this:

Box 1

| Apache1    |  |
|__|         |_Tomcat1   +-+
| Apache2    |  |        +-+ shared lucene index
|  |         | Tomcat2

Box 2
| Apache3    |  |
|__|         |_Tomcat3   +-+
| Apache4    |  |        +-+ shared lucene index
|  |         | Tomcat4
+--+ .......>+--+


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  Web Master         | tstone at cityofhbg dot com   *
* City of Harrisburg | 717.255.7297
* Pennsylvania USA   | 717.903.9162
  "This Satan's drink [coffee] is so delicious,
   we shall cheat Satan and baptize it."
   Pope Clement VIII 

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