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From Sid_Rais...@VWR.COM
Subject Filtering
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 18:40:32 GMT

Hi All:

Is there any one who has written a filter for Lucene?

According to the FAQ there are two methods of achieving this
1. Search Query
       in this approach, provide your custom filter    
      object to the when you call the search() method. 
      This filter will be called exactly once to       
      evaluate every document that resulted in non     
      zero score.                                      

2. Selective Collection
      in this approach you perform the regular search  
      and when you get back the hit list, collect only 
      those that matches your filtering criteria. In   
      this approach, your filter is called only for    
      hits that returned by the search method which    
      may be only a subset of the non zero matches     
      (useful when evaluating your search filter is    

Searching is done using JSP based site.
The index may change consistently.
The majority of searches that take place will need filtering.
There will be lots of hits.
Index is large.

1.Which would be more efficient (faster search) on a very large index?
2.Which is more maintanable?
3.Which is easier to code?
4.Are there any other ways of filtering that anyone else has come up with?

All opinions and comments would be appreciated.



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