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From "Mailing Lists Account" <>
Subject Re: Is Lucene suitable for one-time index and one-time search ?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 05:53:26 GMT
Thanks Doug for the quick reply.

In the simplest case, I have a document and I need to know if it contains
certain terms or a combination of terms with AND/OR/Phrases etc(Much like
Lucene query. Infact, Lucene queries meet my requirements very well).  In
some cases, I may have more than one document. However, the process is
pretty much same. Unlike other lucene apps, unce I find that these
document(s) either contain or donot contain the terms, I have no use for the
index and hence I need to drop all created indices.  Next time I search, the
documents and the query are totally different.

In effect, what I am trying to do is 'Find in a File(s)' but with one or
more terms( containing AND/OR/phrases as operators.)

It appears to me that the lucene as all pieces to solve this. That is,
extract the terms, index the document and run the query to see if the
document is returned in the results.

If lucene is an overkill for my kind of app, what are the other approaces to
search a document with a query much similar to what Lucene suppports it. Can
that avoid creating indices ? I really appreciate any pointers.

thanks & regards

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From: "Doug Cutting" <>
To: "Lucene Users List" <>
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 2:39 AM
Subject: Re: Is Lucene suitable for one-time index and one-time search ?

> Mailing Lists Account wrote:
> > I need to search a bunch of documents.Each document needs to be searched
> > only once. That means once I build the index and search it, I have no
> > for that index and the document again.
> This does not sound like the problem that Lucene is designed to solve.
> Lucene can solve it, but not in a very efficient manner.
> Will you use the same query repeatedly on different sets of documents?
> If so, then it sounds like you might be doing categorization.  An
> efficient way to do this is to build an index of queries and then search
> it with each new document (instead of searching documents with queries).
>   You might be able to get Lucene to work in that manner, but it is not
> ideally suited.
> Doug
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