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From Brian Cuttler <>
Subject Re: Implement Lucene web-demo using Tomcat
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:53:16 GMT

> Brian,
> This is a tomcat config issue. In the server.xml file in the config 
> directory is where the port that tomcat listens. If you are not using 
> apache with Tomcat then you can have tomcat listen directly to port 80 
> by changing where it says 8080 to 80.
> If you are using Apache, then you have to get the connector (either 
> warp or the new coyote) working and map certain urls to tomcat in the 
> warp configuration file. These are all examples and issue that you can 
> go to the tomcat site for.
> Good luck

Yes, we are looking to serve all of our documents from the
apache server at port 80. The _only_ reason we have Tomcat
is to support Lucene and the only reason for that is to provide
a search index for the site.

If there is an another/easier way...

One of the other admins at my site installed the connector, I can
provide the modified or diffs of the modified files.

I'm now looking at, what workers file ? JKMount commands ? We are
currently at the limits of the expertise at our site.



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