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From karl øie <>
Subject Re: Multithread searching problem on Linux
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 15:16:34 GMT
there have been numerous problems/bad features with the hot-spot mode 
on sun's linux vm, the reason for this is that hot-spotting is 
optimizing your code by doing very weird stuff with your code :-)

anyway i'm glad -classic works well for you. the bad performance is a 
known problem with the linux-kernel java threading system. When it 
comes to threads windows jvms outperforms linux jvms because of kernel 
internal things i don't even try to understand...

i have used the 1.3.1 linux jvm from ibm with great stability, how does 
the ibm jvm perform against the sun jvm when it comes to thread 

there is also a 1.3 jvm from a group called "blackdown" that is free 
and optimized for linux. there was some talking in the news about it 
being very good at threading... you could try it..  ( )

mvh karl øie

On onsdag, okt 2, 2002, at 15:34 Europe/Oslo, Stas Chetvertkov wrote:

> Yes, it works without errors with classic JVM, but if it was not so
> painfully slow :(
> Anyway, I'll check what is faster - classic JVM with multiple thread 
> search
> or Hotspot
> with 1 searching thread (as we have now).
> Thanks,
> Stas.
>> Try to run your vm in classic mode "java -classic" to disable the
>> hotspot features...
>> mvh karl øie
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