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From "Dominator" <>
Subject Re: How to include strange characters??
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:07:28 GMT
I solved my display, by changing the encoding of the browser to unicode

"Chris Davis" <> wrote in message
To Dominator,

Where you able to solve the display problem as well?  I am having a similiar
problem with documents that contain the " (open double quote &#8220).  I am
not concerned with searching on the character, but when I attempt to dsiplay
a stored field with this character, it does not display correctly.  Even
stranger, the closing quote &#8221 does display.

To All,

I have browsed through the majority of messages related to Unicode in the
archive, and my reading tells me that Lucene does not normally change the
data that is "stored" for a field.  Can someone give me some pointers on how
to troubleshoot this problem.

Note:  I am indexing data that is being pulled from a SQL Server 2000 DB on
Windows 2000.


In an earlier message Dominator wrote:

> I print out a result string it shows a very strange result, for example
> search for: "civilingeni&rcaron;r" string: "civilingeni&Abreve;r".. I'm
sure it's an
> unicode problem, but where can I change it??

Dominator wrote:

thx, with your help I could solve the problem

"karl ie" <> wrote in message
i had such problems with norwegian characters and it resolved into
making sure the querystring has the same encoding as the index has.

since this is again a java.lang.String encoding question i had these
problems with querystrings coming from java Servlets and CLI. For both
the quickfix was to re-encode the query in UTF-8/16:

String querystring = argv[0]; ' String querystring =
querystring = new String(querystring.getBytes("UTF-8"));

this fixed my norwegian/samii problems...

mvh karl ie

On mandag, okt 7, 2002, at 13:04 Europe/Oslo, Dominator wrote:

>> I use czech language with more bizzare characters and there is no
>> problem at all. Are you sure, that your XML contains character set
>> information?
> yes, I tried <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-2"?> and <?xml
> version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> but I get the same strange characters.
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