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From "Herman Chen" <>
Subject Re: Change in Range Query Syntax?
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 02:02:21 GMT
I was surprised by this change too.  I think the syntax changed from [from -
to] to [from to].

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From: "Terry Steichen" <>
To: "Lucene Users Group" <>
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 12:18 AM
Subject: Change in Range Query Syntax?

I recently upgraded (from 1.2) to the latest build (1.3.1) and found that my
range queries no longer work.

Here's what a simple query against my index yields:
pub_date:20021109 yields 133 hits
pub_date:20021110 yields 225 hits
pub_date:20021111 yields 144 hits

With 1.2RC5 and 1.2, here's how the range query works:
pub_date:[20021109 - 20021111] yields 502 hits (note space on both sides of

With 1.3 (nightly build as of 11/11/02), here's how the range query now
pub_date:[20021109 - 20021111] yields 0 hits (note space on both sides of
pub_date:[20021109- 20021111] yields 369 hits (note space only following the
pub_date:[20021109-20021111] yields 0 hits (note no spaces on either side of

Also, note that pub_date:]20021109- 20021110] does *not* include the hits
for 20021109 as it did previously.

The errors (ParseExceptions) generated were these:
 Was expecting one of:
     "TO" ...
     <RANGEIN_GOOP> ...
     , Encountered "]" at line 1, column 27.
 Was expecting one of:
     "TO" ...
     <RANGEIN_GOOP> ...

Has the syntax changed, or is this a bug?



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