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From Alex Winston <>
Subject Searching Ranges
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 19:23:39 GMT
i was hoping that someone could briefly review my current solution to a
problem that we have encountered to see if anyone could suggest a
possible alternative, because as it stands we have pushed lucene past
its current limits.


we were wanting to represent a range of values for a particular field
that is searchable over a particular range.

an example follows for clarification:
we were wanting to store a range of chapters and verses of a book for a
particular document, and in turn search to see if a query range includes
the range that is represented in the index.

if this is unclear please ask for clarification


although this solution seems somewhat impractical it is all we could
come up with.

our solution involved storing each possible range value within the term
which would allow for RangeQuerys to be performed on this particular
field.  for very small ranges this seems somewhat practical after
profiling.  although once the field ranges began to span multiple
chapters and verses, the search times became unreasonable because we
were storing thousands of entries for each representative range.

i can elaborate on anything that is unclear,
but any thoughts on a possible alternative solution within lucene that
we overlooked would be extremely helpful.


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