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From Alex Winston <>
Subject Re: Searching Ranges
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:26:37 GMT
  if you happen to remember this thread, i was wanting to know if you
had any thoughts on improving this search in the situation below, my
temp fix does not work in all situations, so i am back to square one.

  i have completely gutted the RangeQuery and created an additional
RangeScorer to help eliminate some of the overheard incurred in the
special situation below, but the search times are still unacceptable. 
currently i have reduced the logic down to simply iterating over the set
of terms between the range and returning the set of termDocs for each,
and then in turn maintaining an [] of the results.  although my
implementation is substantially faster than before it is still very
slow.  my thought was that i might be able to accomplish a more
efficient range query at the Reader level, any thoughts?

  i am certain that some of the redundant iteration can be eliminated i
am just not sure how.


> Alex Winston wrote:
> > lets say that i have a document named "d1", which contains a field named
> > "references".  within the "references" field i maintain a list of terms
> > that represent my range from 001-005, more specifically the field would
> > contain the terms "001 002 003 004 005".
> >
> > i would now like to search this range to determine if it falls within
> > the range 003-010, so my query would look like "references:[003 010]".

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