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From (Steven J. Owens)
Subject Re: Let me get started
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:55:47 GMT
On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 07:34:28AM +0530, Uma Maheswar wrote:
> And I got the search working for Standalone but not for my
> website. As I have no permissions to access the server. Life is
> critical here.

     People are not being helpful because they do not see any
indication, in your posts, that you are trying to help yourself.  Your
comments don't seem to indicate any attempts to try different routes.
You don't mention any specific problems you're encountering.  you
don't demonstrate any familiarity with the lucene API (which suggests
that you haven't really worked through the tutorial). 

     As usual, the internet is more than willing to *help* you do
something yourself, but completely uninterested in doing it *for* you.
If you demonstrate that you're willing and able to do the work, people
will be more responsive.

     Some specific questions:

     What do you mean when you say you got the search working for

     Have you ever written a java servlet application?  

     Is Javagalaxy your hosting service, or is it your website?
     You may be using the wrong tool for the job.  Lucene is a search
engine API.  Lucene enables you to build the tool you need.  If you
don't have the right skills or the time to build the tool, then you
need to look for other solutions.

     I'm taking a look at right now.  You have
something funky going on.  The various JSP links are sending responses
with mime-type "Binary Executable" (application/octet-stream).  They
should be sending mime-type text/html.  Looks like your servlet engine
is misconfigured.  Contact me in private email and I'll try to help
you work through that.

Steven J. Owens

"I'm going to make broad, sweeping generalizations and strong,
 declarative statements, because otherwise I'll be here all night and
 this document will be four times longer and much less fun to read.
 Take it all with a grain of salt." - Me at

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