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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject SearchBean in action?
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 02:34:35 GMT
Are folks using the SearchBean code found in the 
contributions/searchbean area of the sandbox?

I've just spent a while attempting to get an example working with it 
and I've ended up having to tweak the code to get it working partially. 
  First, I encountered a compilation error because of an unhandled 
exception, so I fixed that.  Next I encountered hard-coded things such 
as the Analyzer and the field to sort by in both SearchBean and 
HitsIterator.  So rather than using SearchBean I just opted for using 
the HitsIterator to sort by a field.  But its constrained to only do 
descending sort order.

If you are using SearchBean and the related HitsIterator and other bits 
to enhance your search results by sorting by a field, care to share 
some example code?  I'd like for it to be a useful addition to my 
searching features, but so far it seems like I'd have to customize it 
so much that I might as well adapt the ideas to my own code rather than 
use it directly.


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