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From "Catalin" <>
Subject Re: Regarding Setup Lucine for my site
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 09:26:49 GMT
hi there !
we have almost the same configuration (site, index, paths, etc) like you.
we used for our search on the site another approach.

eg: use a small crawler to index some feeded urls,
make the lucene index, make the web search app to use that index.

for crawling:

for webapp:

running online:

the code of the indexer is based on i2a websearch application demo
that is listed on lucene jakarta site.

take a look, maybe you might find something usefull !
there is no .zip available for download.
but if somebody requests the .zip
we can put it online.

have fun !


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  From: Samuel Alfonso Velázquez Díaz 
  To: Lucene Users List 
  Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 3:16 AM
  Subject: Re: Regarding Setup Lucine for my site

  Yes I have
  1.- The directory with the files to index:
  2.- A path where the index files from the search engine will be created, lets say
  3.- I have an internet domain whose name is:
  4.- A web application context that runs at
  Once I have set all the above things I want to be able to use the search aplication:
  And I dont want that the results that I get from the index (step 2) give me results like
  Your file is at
  The results should be:
  Your file is at
  For the comments I have read (THANK YOU VERY MUTCH) I conclude that there is no way to generate
the index with some custom prefix (as for the documents at C:/filesToIndex/www/).
  It seems that I have to modify my web application (
to include some logic to repalce "C:/filesToIndex/www/" to "".
  If you could point me to the source code of lucene to include this logic and this way fix
it once and for all, will appreciate a lot.
  The command I used to generate this index was:
  java org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML -create -index index C:\index C:\filesToIndex\ www\
  Now in the web application I have to modify 
        IndexSearcher searcher;
        Query query;  
        Hits hits;        

        // some code after...
       hits =; 

        for ( /* search through the hit list*/)

            Document doc = hits.doc(i);        
            String doctitle = doc.get("title");
            String url = doc.get("url");       

  I have to do some thing like url = "" + url.substring("C:/filesToIndex/www/".length);

  And thanks again
   Pinky Iyer <> wrote:
  I dont understand the explanantion. When I try and index the documents as mentioned in the
examples, and then when i run the app and do a sample search, it does point to the directory
structure say "c:/filesToIndex/www/" instead of "http://localhost:8080/www/". So how can this
be changed to reflect the website domain as mentioned by you. Could you explain again. Say
my docs are under a directory c:/filesToIndex/www/ and the wesite is as you said http://localhost:8080/
, then how to proceed!
  Thanks in advance!
  Samuel Alfonso Velázquez Díaz wrote:
  Oh ok, I thougth it was going to be some thing like the egothor search engine (A java based
search engine). When you create the Index, you issue a command like:
  java org.egothor.indexer.mirror.DoTanker /tmp/my_www Project/Egothor/var/www as http://localhost:8080
  /thmp/my_www: Is the path to the directory where the index is to be created
  Project/Egothor/var/www: is the path to the local file system files to be indexed.
  and as http://localhost:8080 is the prefix that the index will keep on the hit list. This
way the index will be relative to http://localhost:8080. Even if your production site may
be an other site.
  Thanks for your comments, any way now I know that I have to modify code to do this.
  Jeff Linwood wrote:Hi,

  I'm not a hundred percent sure I understand what you are asking, but when
  you get the results back from Lucene (the hits) it's up to you to format
  them to display on a web page - you can always do the modification there
  when you display the links to the results.

  ----- Original Message -----
  From: "Samuel Alfonso Velázquez Díaz" 
  To: "Lucene Users List" 
  Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 11:33 AM
  Subject: Regarding Setup Lucine for my site

  > The documentation says:
  > Once you've gotten this far you're probably itching to go. Let's start by
  creating the index you'll need for the web examples. Since you've already
  set your classpath in the previous examples, all you need to do is type
  "java org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML -create -index {index-dir} ..".
  You'll need to do this from a (any) subdirectory of your {tomcat}/webapps
  directory (make sure you didn't leave off the ".." or you'll get a null
  pointer exception). {index-dir} should be a directory that Tomcat has
  permission to read and write, but is outside of a web accessible context. By
  default the webapp is configured to look in /opt/lucene/index for this
  > A copy of my site is in:
  > C:\CopiaSite20030228\
  > My web application runs on
  > how can I make the lucene index map the URLs of the indexed files to:
  > Please help!
  > Samuel Alfonso Velázquez Díaz
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  Samuel Alfonso Velázquez Díaz

  Do you Yahoo!?
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  Do you Yahoo!?
  Yahoo! Tax Center - forms, calculators, tips, and more

  Samuel Alfonso Velázquez Díaz

  Do you Yahoo!?
  Yahoo! Tax Center - forms, calculators, tips, and more
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