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From "Nellaiyappan Gomathinayagam" <>
Subject regarding Increamenta Indexing
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 16:30:48 GMT
Actually already i have added some thousan documents for indexing. Now i need to include one
more file for indexing. So if i recreate again, then it will take more time. So how to include
this single file in the already existing index. is it possible. Will that code do the same
thing wat i am expecting??
Thanks in advance
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From: Marcel Stör [] 
Sent: Tue 3/4/2003 8:19 AM 
To: 'Lucene Users List' 
Subject: RE: Lucene Turbine Service

	> -----Original Message-----
	> From: Nellaiyappan Gomathinayagam
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	> Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 5:10 PM
	> To: Lucene Users List
	> Subject: RE: Lucene Turbine Service
	> Hi,
	> Any one tried Incremental Indexing with Lucene. If so then
	> kindly guide me how to do that??
	What do you mean by 'incremental'? Adding a single entry/document to an index?
	public void indexSingleEntry (File indexFile, String id, String cat, String prob, String
	        IndexWriter writer = null;
	        try {
	            Analyzer analyzer = new GermanAnalyzer();
	            writer = new IndexWriter(indexFile, analyzer, false);
	            Document doc = new Document();
	            doc.add(Field.Text("id", id));
	            doc.add(Field.Text("category", cat));
	            doc.add(Field.Text("problem", prob));
	            doc.add(Field.UnStored("solution", sol));
	        catch (Exception ex) {
	        } finally {
	            if (null != writer) {
	                try {
	                } catch (Exception ex) {
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