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From Michael Barry <>
Subject Re: Indexing Growth
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 14:19:46 GMT
Sounds like you either have an indexer that's run amok (maybe
a background process that's continually re-indexing your sandbox -
or expanding outside your sandbox) or your Query code is doing more
than querying. It's not behaviour I've seen. Without a snippet of
Query code, it's going to be hard to help.

Rob Outar wrote:

>Hi all,
>	This is too odd and I do not even know where to start.  We built a Windows
>Explorer type tool that indexes all files in a "sabdboxed" file system.
>Each Lucene document contains stuff like path, parent directory, last
>modified date, file_lock etc..  When we display the files in a given
>directory through the tool we query the index about 5 times for each file in
>the repository, this is done so we can display all attributes in the index
>about that file.  So for example if there are 5 files in the directory, each
>file has 6 attributes that means about 30 term queries are executed.  The
>initial index when build it about 10.4megs, after accessing about 3 or 4
>directories the index size increased to over 100megs, and we did not add
>anything!!  All we are doing is querying!!  Yesterday after querying became
>ungodly slow, we looked at the index size it had grown from 10megs to 1.5GB
>(granted we tested the tool all morning).  But I have no idea why the index
>is growing like this.  ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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