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From "Rob Outar" <>
Subject Querying Question
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 22:11:14 GMT
Hi all,

	I am a little fuzzy on complex querying using AND, OR, etc..  For example:

I have the following name/value pairs

file 1 = name = "checkpoint" value = "filename_1"
file 2 = name = "checkpoint" value = "filename_2"
file 3 = name = "checkpoint" value = "filename_3"
file 4 = name = "checkpoint" value = "filename_4"

I ran the following Query:

name:\"checkpoint\" AND  value:\"filenane_1\"

Instead of getting back file 1, I got back all four files?

Then after trying different things I did:

+("name:\"checkpoint\") AND  +(value:\"filenane_1\")

it then returned file 1.

Our project queries solely on name value pairs and we need the ability to
query using AND, OR, NOTS, etc..  What the correct syntax for such queries?

The code I use is :
 QueryParser p = new QueryParser("",
 new RepositoryIndexAnalyzer());
 this.query = p.parse(query.toLowerCase());
 Hits hits =;

Thanks as always,


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