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From Nils Kaiser <>
Subject sorted index
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:53:36 GMT
Hi folks,

I want to use lucene in a gui application (mail manager) and wanted to use 
lucene to build an index to create views like (mail from and to 
blabla@bla.bla in date range).

The alternative would be to use an embedded database (hsqldb), but that would 
mean I can never implement a big file storing mails+index for easy moving of 
mail data.

Another issue is the lack of generic sort support in lucene, as I need the 
data to be found sorted, and as I know there is no support to sort data at 
index time (for each "SortField"), and to query sorted data. 

I think the SearchBean isn't fast enough for my purposes as I need very fast 
sorting (imagine a view of 10000 mails and you scroll down very fast).

Is lucene the right choice?

I could solve the problem by sorting the data manually and saving the 
results... but I would need some kind of incremental add of new documents. 
Has someone implemented something like that?



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