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From Ali Rouhi <>
Subject Query across multiple fields scenario not handled by "MultiFieldQueryParser"
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 23:41:05 GMT

I need to perform a search for an expression in
multiple fields "as if" they were one field. This is
best illustrated by a simple example.

Find expression (X AND Y) in fields (F, G). 

I want this to translate to:

((X in F) OR (X in G)) AND ((Y in F) OR (Y in G)) 

In other words I want the query to return true *not
only* if

((X AND Y) in F) OR ((X AND Y) in G)               

but *also* the following should give me a true value

((X in F) AND (Y in G)) OR ((X in G) AND (Y in F)) 

I believe that "MultiFieldQueryParser" just gives me
(1) and leaves out the "cross terms" in(2).(If you
want a practical example of why one would want to do
such a search I would be glad to provide one).

Of course I could construct the combination of (1) and
(2) manually, but the problem is that I want the
"general solution" with a general expression being
searched for in multiple fields in the manner of the
above example.

I have a feeling that this sort of a thing is best
done by writing a custom QueryParser.jj. We use Lucene
in production code and have great java expertise, but
little JavaCC expertise. Suggestions for solving the
problem at a higher level than the QueryParser are of
course also very welcome.

Many Thanks

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