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From Maurice Coyle <>
Subject document score for a page
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:34:33 GMT

if i have an index containing a page and i want to know the score that page
has for a given query, is there a way of finding out the score without
performing a search?  it seems like a strange question but the reason is
that if i perform a search using the given query on my index, sometimes the
page i want is not returned in the Hits object and so i can't find out the
score of the page.

i'm performing some analysis of search results so for each query i need to
know the score for every page in the index for that query, even if it's not
returned when a search is performed on the query.  will i need to implement
a method to do this, or does one already exist?

i guess as an addendum to this question it would be useful for me to know
when lucene decides to stop returning results.  is it just when all pages
containing the query term have been returned?


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