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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: new release: 1.3 RC2
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 16:28:21 GMT
petite_abeille wrote:
> Quick question regarding release note number 11:
> What's the difference between IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[]) and 
> IndexWriter.addIndexes(Directory[]) beside the fact that one takes an 
> array of IndexReader and the other an array of Directory? Any functional 
> differences? Is one way recommended over the other?

When merging lots of indexes (more than the mergeFactor), the 
Directory-based method will use fewer file handles and less memory, as 
it will only ever open mergeFactor indexes at once, while the 
IndexReader-based method requires that all indexes be open when passed. 
  The primary advantage of the IndexReader-based method is that one can 
pass it IndexReaders that don't reside in a Directory (which is now 
possible, as one may completely re-implement the IndexReader API).

For most folks I think sticking with the old method is best.  It's also 
been tested much more!


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